Is Your Naturalization/Citizenship Application Delayed??!!

Free Citizenship/Naturalization Advice !!

Is Your Citizenship/Naturalization Application Delayed??!

Is Your Citizenship/Naturalization Application Delayed??!!.

A delayed Naturalization/Citizenship application is not fun !!.Not long ago I was full of frustration and anxiety, as the USCIS has delayed the adjudication of my naturalization/ Citizenship application. I have finally prevailed in my quest for U.S. citizenship, and today I am a very proud U.S citizen. Here I offer a FREE how-to manual, for all those frustrated by the delay of their citizenship application. I will give you the inside knowledge of how to get the USCIS to adjudicate (resolve) your pending application for citizenship, like they did to mine !!.

My Story:

MY Citizenship/Naturalization Interview was on Dec. 19th,2007. At the end of the Interview, I was congratulated by the Adjudicating Officer and told that I have passed the Citizenship/Naturalization Test ,and that my application has been recommended for approval. I was given Form N-652 (Naturalization Interview Results), and told that I will be called soon for my Naturalization Ceremony.

My friends and family asserted that I will be called to be sworn-in in about three weeks or so. But as weeks passed and that elusive letter did not show up in the mail box, I started to get nervous and jittery. What could be wrong?, could it be that the Notice was lost by the Post Office?. A long 120 days passed and I was not called to be sworn-in. That's when I rolled up my sleeves and went into a fact finding mission. I have researched and scouted many web-sites and blogs dealing with the delay of the naturalization application. I discovered ,much to my dismay, that I was not the only one, and that THOUSANDS fellow applicants were in the same predicament, all awaiting the arrival of that glorious letter, Form N-445, Notice of naturalization Oath Ceremony. I was horrified to discover that THOUSANDS have been waiting for more than TWO years, since they passed that Interview !!!.

My whole psyche went into a crisis solving mode. I said to myself: This is not going to happen to me !!!. It got to be a way out !!!.I could not see myself waiting for TWO or THREE years !!.


Through my research, I came to a solid understanding of how to tackle my situation. I discovered that my situation was not that dire and that, there are many remedies in the Immigration and Nationality Act, which could bring closure to my situation. What got my antenna up was a paragraph at the bottom of the Form N-652, Naturalization Interview Results, I received after passing the Interview/Exam. It reads as follow:

{ "Note:Please be advised that under Section 336 of the Immigration and Nationality Act, you have the right to request a hearing before an Immigration Officer, if your application is denied, or before the U.S. District Court if the USCIS has not made a determination on your application within 120 days of the date of your examination ". !!!}.

A light went on in my head !!!.

The USCIS are in violation of a Federal Law, by failing to adjudicate my application within 120 days and I have the RIGHT to ask for a Hearing on the matter before a District Court !!!.

The sweetest thing is the fact that this piece of information was printed by the USCIS on Form N-652 !!!. They are telling me that I have the RIGHT to take the USCIS to Court !!!.

Upon research, I have accessed more than 25 Lawsuit filed by Immigration Lawyers in various District Courts, throughout this great nation, and downloaded these lawsuits, which are public records.

The great thing about this nation is the fact that NO body is above the Law !!!!. This is a nation that's held by its Laws, and that's what makes it a great nation !!.

Many legal experts recommend giving the USCIS a chance to shore up its act. So, I took their advice and set the following strategy:

a). Remind the USCIS and the various U. S. Federal Agencies entrusted with the enforcement of the Immigration and Nationality Act,

that my rights were violated and that I know I have the right to bypass the USCIS to the U.S. District Court to decide the matter.

Giving the USCIS another chance to adjudicate my pending Naturalization Application made a lot of sense to me, not only as a show of goodwill, but to set the stage for taking the matter to my local District Court, on grounds that I have exhausted all viable means to resolve my situation.

I felt deep within my heart, and still do, that the delay to adjudicate my application is NOT the fault of the USCIS. The employees of the USCIS walk a very tight rope in adjudicating the Naturalization cases, where they could not and should not Naturalize an applicant who is NOT eligible !!. They really have no choice but to wait it out till the FBI conducts its Name Search/Clearance. So giving them another chance was in order and made a lot of sense; not to mention, all legal experts recommended to notify the USCIS of your INTENT to take the matter to the U.S. District Court.

b). Prepare to go to court, if and when they fail to adjudicate my application:

By the end of the grace/ultimatum period of 45 days given in the Inquiry/Ultimatum letter.


As I had my Interview on Dec. 19th,2007, the deadline for a response was April 19th,2008; A 120 days separation period, as mandated by Law. On May 9th,2008, I have started the crusade against the USCIS and the other Federal Agencies entrusted with the enforcement of the Immigration and Nationality Act, by mailing Certified copies of my Inquiry/Ultimatum letter to all SEVEN Federal Agencies. I have given the USCIS a 45 days grace period from the date of the receipt of my Inquiry letter.

I received a letter from my USCIS local Office, indicating that they will make a determination withion 180 days from the date of their letter !!!. I also received another letter from another regulatory Agency within the the USCIS, promising a closure to my case within 45 days from the date of their letter !!.

It is amazing what a threat of a lawsuit will do to an agency that's not known for its speedy responses !!!. The deadline to file a Petition with the local District Court was, on my calendar, July 19th,2008. That deadline has passed and I did not get a response from the USCIS regarding my pending application !!. To me, that was the moment of truth !!. I knew I had to take Goliath ,head-on !!. So on the the beginning of August, 2008, I filed a

"Petition for a Hearing on a Naturalization Application"

with the local U. S. District Court.

To my shock , surprise and disbelief, four days after I have filed my petition, I received a letter from the USCIS, Form N-445, Notice of Naturalization Oath Ceremony !!!!.

On August 15th,2008, I was sworn-in as a U. S. Citizen. That felt very good, I am finally a proud U. S. Citizen !!!.

Lessons Learned:

I think and know that standing up to the USCIS WORKS !!!. Reminding them that you will ask the U. S. District Court to take over jurisdiction over the pending application WORKS !!. I have decided not to surrender to the frustration and the notion that USCIS is Goliath, and that it is NOT a losing proposition to sue the USCIS !!!.

I knew I did not have to share the frustration shouldered by many would be U.S. citizens, who elected to be passive and wait for the USCIS to adjudicate their applications, whenever they feel like it!!!.

I had the absolute conviction that I was doing the RIGHT thing, and that NO one is above the Law, NO one, period !!, including members of the Congress, the President and his Cabinet !!.

This is why the U.S.A is such a great nation and the envy of the world !!!.

The bottom line is : the USCIS was in violation of the Law and I was at the receiving end of it !!!. The Law was on my side, and that is a good side to be on !!!.

This is the reason why I have decided to launch this website to help those in need. Whether you do not speak English well or just do not have the time to sit down and articulate your way to facing the USCIS.I have been there and had my share of frustration and anger, just like you.

Above all, I offer my advice and experience here for FREE !!.

Just click on the above tabs and follow through, trust me, there is no mystery to it !!.

A). First you have give the USCIS an ULTIMATUM, then

B). File a Lawsuit in the Federal District Court.

I know this may sound daunting, but it is NOT rocket science, just follow my instructions and you will be fine. Courts know that you are not a lawyer, and you will get the sympathy of the court, and TRUST me it will NOT get to that, as the USCIS will resolves your case before that court date, TRUST ME !!!.

Good Luck and may God Bless all of us and the United States of America !!.

H. Awad.


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